Saturday, 25 July 2009

Tom Felton is better off without his white hair

First off,
Happy belated birthday Leong Elroy :)
Sorry for the late post.
And super sorry i couldn't attend your party.
Anyhoos, lunch on me okay!

This is the only picture i have with you i think.
Pretty weird.
Oh well,
hope you had a blast !

This is gonna be a random post today.
I miss all the fun we had.
I miss all my classmates.
I miss sharing those l-o-l moments with them.
I miss being with them.
I miss those 'teacher,my dog ate my homework' moments.
I miss hearing their jokes.
I miss every single one of them!

Back when we were in Genting.
Good ol' times :)

Ah, i miss Atiqah, Eleena and Aainaa !
Three of them shifted after PMR.
Spot Pei Wen at the back.
Hahahaha :)

" The more you understand, the less you have to memorize. "
Off the study !
♫ 1234 - Plain White T's
p.s/ memories are irreplaceable. so are you, p.

Friday, 10 July 2009

So close, and still, so far.

First off, happy 17th birthday ELAINE GOH XIN ROU :) May all your wishes come true. You stood by me through thick and thin. We've known each other since kindergarten! I treasure every moment spent with you. You truly are, my bestest friend ever :) I think you prolly know me better than i know myself! Hahaha. We never really spoken in primary school before. Only got closer in secondary. We were in the same class, 1/2/3 Alpha, which also happens to be our kindergarten school name. Lol! Then i got to sit with you during form 3. We laughed, giggled, shopping, ate, sang, rapped (lol), and gossiped almost everyday. I joined Leo 'cause of her, and she did the same for me too. I still remember those funny moments where we imitate Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie. LOL. At one point, we sang the 'SANASA' song almost everyday in school. Mmm, those were the times :) Just want to thank you for always being there for me. And also congratulations on your award. Best president! Woooohooo. I'm really proud of you. I'm glad we made it to where we are today. And speaking from a president's point of view, you did a hell of a good job managing your club. And i'm not just saying this. Because i am one too, i understand. It takes more than just effort and time, it comes out from the heart. Your dedication is way beyond measure. 'Tho someday we might be worlds apart, know that in my heart, you'll always be my bestfriend, my crying shoulder, my buddy to rely on, and definitely my favourite person in the world. Sometimes we have arguments and disagreements, but i never gave up on you. But better days are yet to come. It's only just the beginning. Hopefully we get to do more fun stuff together after we're over and done with freaking spm!!! I can't even imagine my life without you now. It would be like... spongebob without patrick, mr krabz without money, plankton without a crabbie paddie, and a garden without flowers. Okay, i think i shall stop here. If not i'm gonna write a freakin book alr! Hahaha. Keep rocking on with your Leo stuff. I'll always support you no matter what field you chose to do. Love you silly billy milly.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

SMSU Carnival '09

Hmm, where do i start?
Okay. First friggin' alarm didn't ring !
Thanks to Nicholas Chong Jun Liang for calling me early in the morning.
So i jumped out of bed. Showered and had some yoghurt.
Then JunShien came and pick me up around 915.
Took the volleys for Bobby then headed to my class stall.
Was supposed to meet Terence but he came late.
So, we walked around for a bit.
Met loadsa long lost friends thereee!
Gosh people do change alot.
For the better of course :)
Then saw Jeremy at the field.
Hung out in the library for a while.
Felt damn good being there man.
Aircondddd! :D
He kept me in company for the whole time.
Walked around, chit chat, bought stuff, looked out for hot guys! :p
Then Marie and i wanted to play the table talk thingy,
but i was heading somewhere after the carnival.
So didn't wanna get wet.
But i was really looking forward to it! D:
Anyhoos, met my loooong lost primary classmates.
Jia Fu & Cheryl.
And also a few Sj people.
Ai Vin, Winston, Tony, Elroy and Joanne
After that, parents fetched me and dropped my in Jason's crib.
Crashed there for a while then headed home.
Was super exhausted when i got home.
Was suppose to watch movie with Harris but i was too tired.
Slept for a few hours then went for dinner.
Had a fun day overall but i think i got a little sunburnt.
Especially my feet.
My flipflops shadow is like printed on it.
Lol .__.
Here are some pix!
heheh, cute eh? :)


ahem, ze leo president.

fooooh, gangster!

i look weird. don't laugh.

bryan liang yee hoong

bryan again.

bryan and joanne


joanne and aivin

and again

I only took a few, sorry.
x, where are you when i need you?
Patrick is a good listener.

p.s/ saw you today, you looked great. but i seem to be invisible... to you. jake

Thursday, 2 July 2009

So fall out of my head, out of my heart.

Went for my birthday dinner with my family in some abalone restaurant, avenue k.
Here are some picturesss!


grandpa grandma


omg, my grandpa fell asleep :O

who else gives the best advice and make sure you drink your soup everyday? :)

my oh-so-colourful birthday cakeee.

jelly cake mom bought.

i wished for you, py.

btw, i wasn't pointing at the cake.
i was holding a transparent knife, hmm, more like invisible.
wachaaa !

p.s/ All those other girls, well they're beautiful, but would they write a song for you?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Edge Of Seventeen

I'm seventeen today! :) Okay, first of.. thanks for all ze prezzies you guys. I enjoy ripping off the wrapping papers. Hahaha :p A very happy birthday to Liyana too! Went dinner with my family in some Abalone restaurant, Avenue K. I'll post the pictures toms. Anyhooooos, there are a few people i'd like to thank. Okay maybe not a few. Manyyy! Heh. So here it goes. Sorry if i left out your name. And ze names are not in order. So yeah :) Happy looking for you name !

I'll start of with wishes from :-
My Phone
PY :)
Ng Li Ann
Amanda Loo Cheng Kuan
Samuel Lam Kok Choon
Caryn Lee Wai Tzan
Darren Lau E-Zern
Stewart Chen
Nicholas Low
Darren Leong
Liam Poon Shiang
Tan Wei Hong
Joann Phoa
Keenan Khaw Ken Winn
Matthew Lai Jun-Loong
Janson Chen Shen Tatt
Rachel Priya
Goh Xin Rou
Miles Eu
Elaine Kok Sui Lyn
Cedric Foo Ken You
Sarneesha Haridassan
Anne Marie Tan Sue Yen
Yeong Hui Xin
Nicholas Tom Hart
Kelvin Tang Jien Tseng
Sayaka Hashimoto Chua Meiru
Lam Ai Ping
Lawrence Chiew Meng Giat
Cheyenne Wan Yi Ning
Jerry See Weng Jin
Edward Chua
Ng Jun Jie
Ariel Lee Sze Fong
Jennifer Tan Sze Yun
Nicholas Chong Jun Liang
Jason Wong
Alex Sin Bao Ming
Goh Jun Shien
Eugene Phan Jin Wah
Yong May Jane
Kyle Wee Ming Jian
Carmen Chew
Adrian Wong Zhe Yang
Bryan James Woo
Adelaide Marie
Nicholas Gan Ming Tjun
Jeremy Kuan Zhong Yang
Jessica Chong Lian See
Esther Chu Yun Sing
Amy Tan Luah Ning
Matthew Tan
Harris Zainul
Taylor's College, lol
Leong Yew Vinn

Sarneesha Haridassan
Loo Yinn Yih
Jot Gin Ver'n
Goh Jun Shien
Tan Pei Wen
Yvonne Yong Yi Wen
Chan Tian Ai
Lim Xiao Fern
Elaine Kok Sui Lyn
Tam Yew Han
Carmen Chew
Nor Azian
Goh Xin Rou
Edward Tan
Derrick Khoo Tiong H'ng
Eugene Phan Jin Wah
Joanna Foo Sze Lin

Juvyn Lim Siew Ven
Alen Tan Wei Chuan
Jennifer Chan Tian Ai
Yvonne Yong Yi Wen
Tan Shu Wei
Grace Siah Gin Ai
Lam Ai Ping
Jeremy Kuan Zhong Yang
Goh Xin Rou
Lawrence Tan Wen Han
Victor Lim
Vanissa Ng
Jonathan Lim
Manisha Umapathy
Deriel Selvarajah
Aisha Hassan
Khaw Kwan Yee
Jeremy Ong
Ashreen Kaur
Matthew Ignatious Chan
Sharm Naicker
Adrian Casey Clark
Jennifer Tan Sze Yun
Ang Shun Thai
Wong Mei Yuan
Daniel Loh
Tan Wei Shen
Adrian Wong Zhe Yang
Carmen Chew
David Cheng Chan Tong
Aliff Mohd Shukor
Shaun Tan Cheng Hong
Caryn Lee Wai Tzan
Yeoh Chin Hooi
Jamie Lim Rae-Gin
Tan Vi June
Tan Szu Ern
Rachel Khoo
Mun Yee
Tan Sung Lin
Darren Lau E-Zern
Wong Chai Qiao
Koo Ying Hao
Joanna Lin
Glenn Hue
Bobby Ker Zi King
Peter chu
Heng Jo Ann
Nicholas Yung
Darren Chong Zhi Hao
Benjamin Tay Jay Han
Joanna Foo Sze Lin
Matthew Bryan Chong
Yap Von Yi
Pearly Goh

Wooooh, finally. Really sorry if i left out your name. Tell me if i did! I can't say that i'm genuine happy today. Well maybe i was. Until i found out, hmm. You know. That wasn't the pleasant part. But they said they're gonna add in another 20,000 candidates. So for those who didn't get selected, it's not the end yet. Hahaha! Sorry if i just ruin your day :p Hell no. I'm sooo going to defer it. I'll be long gone by then. Manchester, UK babyyy :) Okay, my fingers are super tired alr. Shall call it a night. Love you peopleeeeee :)

p.s/ that schtoopid ns news ruined my day but i'm still really happy that you're going to manchester too! yay :) py. py. py.