Saturday, 19 December 2009

Mr. Icy Cold

So guess what?
It's snowing.
It's not even in the midst of winter and it's already 0 celcius.
Shit i'm gonna freeze there.


Monday, 14 December 2009


Bro's wedding @ Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom on the 13th of Dec. It was a blast! Despite all the hard work and sleepless nights, everyone managed to cover those super dark eyebags with loads and loads of make-up. I have to say.. every single one who attended the event looked absolutely gorgeous and charming. :) Leaving to UK real soon :( Sigh. Gotta make full use of the time I have left here in M'sia. I wonder how's life after SPM for everybody? Must be busy catching up with old friends. Gah. I'm already missing all of you.
Anyhoos, here are some pre-photos. *more like ss photos* Will post the rest up when I have time. Don't be surprised after seeing this post. Yes, make-up can do wonders. I've been lala-fied !
check out those fake eyelashes !
make-up session in the room. lashes were super poky :(
hero of the night. my oppa lookin as sleek as ever :)
last but not least, my hairstylist.
And he's only 16. Can you believe it?
Gosh.. Form4 only ohmeohmy !

Lots of luv ; XOXO

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Where do i stand?

Had a pleasant dinner with a few Japanese folks @ MingRoom, BSC.

" This lovely lady here is my wife. We met back in senior high last time. At that moment, i had some thoughts in my heart. Hmm, then i made up my mind told her.. she's the one i want to marry in the future. *giggles* So..that's how it all started. "
-Yamasaki Sato san
What're you waiting for? Say it, and i'll be yours. Forever. x

Friday, 11 December 2009


Congrats bro! :) Never thought I'd see you get married at such a young age. You've always been there for me in times of despair. I miss those moments where we would just fight over silly things when we were young. Somehow, in a strange way.. You always seem to give the best advice on boy issues. Though we have a seven year gap, i still feel like i can talk to you just about anything in the world. She's one lucky girl. I wish you health, wealth and lots of luv. At times, i get kindof upset because mom&dad always brag about you only. Like i never existed. But you should know that deep down inside i'm really proud of you. I remember you told me that you just felt like giving up when you were in University of Sheffield. I'm glad you managed to pull through. I can't describe the look on mom&dad's face when you told them that you got into Imperial College in London. We had a massive celebration although you weren't here. And i would always pretend to play cool whenever you got back from Manchester. Truth is, i can't wait for you to be back again kor. I know that we don't express our feelings much but we have an unspoken bond that i treasure so much. And hey, look at where you are now! An aeronautical engineer doing his PhD in University of Manchester on a full scholarship! Married too! Now that i'm moving to Cambridge, i hope we can spend more time together and catch up on all those lost memories. Gosh, time passes in a blink of an eye. 10 years had come and gone. We're all grown up. Mom&dad are getting old. Know that you're the best brother anyone can ever have in the whole wide world! Your achievements has made mom&dad super proud. You've also been an inspiration to lots of people too. And one thing's for sure, you'll always be my dearest korkor :' )
Oppa, saranghae ♥