Saturday, 27 June 2009

I feel.

Woooh! i survived Open Day. Early morning mom texted me saying that she took my report card alr. I wasn't even awake yet. And i was pretty shock she didn't say anything. Then i started feeling super guilty. She didn't even scold me. I feel damn sad. At least if she lecture me i'd feel better. Cause i know i deserve it. :( But this time, she just handed me my report card and walk away. That hurts the most. Teacher must've said really bad stuff about me. :( Later in the afternoon, she told me she alr planned my birthday dinner. Tears just poured down on my cheeks. Then i went back to my room and started thinking to myself. She turned around and said, 'Study harder ok. Don't give up. Your teacher didn't say anything bad about you. In fact, she said all the good stuff about you.' I was shocked. Thank you, Pn Subbu. Sigh, I really gotta pull my socks up this time. No more fooling around. I'm sorry to disappoint you mom. I love you.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

You make me crazier, crazier.


Props to Mr. Harris Zainul for taking these monochrome shots and editing them.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Teacher's day 'o9 .

So, we had our teacher's day celebration in school on the 29th of May, last friday. It was pretty good. Darren and I performed again like we did last year. Good times :) We sang No Boundaries this year. Our performance was around 11. So we headed to 14 with Szu ErnNehemiah and his friend to have breakfast before that. I got really tired of waiting cause the weather was crazy and everyone was hot and sweaty. And i don't mean like Megan Fox hot, but like stinky-and-smelly hot. But it was pretty interesting. We saw Puan Jihan, Zahara and Sherily wearing wigs and sorta like in Abba disguise. And i also saw Puan Pan and SMP dancing! Not a very pleasant sight. Oh, and Darren brought his oh-so-cool DSLR on that day. So the pichas are super clear :D Alrighteee, nuff said. Pictures! :) 

our future album cover. HAHA :)

backstage .

onstage .

mental floss ?



All in all i had a fun day :) This'll be the last year i get to perform on teacher's day. Boohoo! D: Hopefully more events coming up to keep me occupied. Haha. Darren, more jam sessions! :D Off to watch a late night horror movie. Nights people. Xo. 

p.s/ goodnight, py ♥