Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sexy intense purple vampire ninja pickle.

This one's for you ,
Anne Marie Tan Sue Yen.
Love youuuuu biatch >:)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009



Thursday, 19 March 2009

You're a showstopper, you're a jawdropper!

                Went to school on Monday morning to open the store for the juniors. Got a few mosquito bites ☹ Boo-hoo! After that, ElaineKokSuiLyn came to the volley court and we walked back to ss19 and had panmee for breakfast. It was alright. Didn't have to wait long cause we were early. But we took forever to cross from 18 to 19! Haha. Bloody traffic. After eating, mom fetched us home and we played Wii for 2 hours ☺ Elaine was getting pretty good at all the games. Hahaha..not too bad for a beginner! ☺

  Then we headed to pyramid at 12pm to meet up with Jenn, Yvonne, Xiao Fern, and Jun Shien. Yepp, he was the only guy there. *sesat* Anyhoos, we walked around and ate the 'famous' handmade oyster meesuah which is located in Lala land. Gosh, we're officially lalafied. Wooots! They wanted to play bowling after that but Elaine and I didn't bring socks and they were having some bowling tourney thingy. So the lanes were all booked up. Then Jenn, Yvonne and Xiao Fern headed to Red Box while Js, Elaine and I went window shopping for a while. Hehh.
Wanted to play pool but Js couldn't get in cause he was wearing shorts. Wth right. Z! So we headed to Subway for lunch. After buying my sandwich, i saw this really hot guy! wooohooo :D I caught him at the corner of my eye. He's absolutely, totally, incredibly, extremely gorgeous! ☺ He was actually fixing his hair near the basin looking so if he's not cute enough! haha ;p He was wearing a red tshirt. Oooooh-lala,so hot! ☺ I was trying my best to eat slowly so that we won't ciao so fast. hahaha! Gosh, i could just stare at him all day ☺
After that we walked out from the store and I took one last glance at him. And he was actually looking and he gave a cheeky grin. Whoaaahahahaha, my heart melted. That smile really make my day ☺ I can still see his face in my mind whenever i close my eyes. :) Ohohoh, i met new friends too! Eng Hoe and Andrew ( the scary looking one with the piercing on the lip! :O ) 
Then, we went to shop for long pants cause Js wanted to play pool soooo badly. Haha. We ended up buying a track pants in Jusco. Lol! Then we played pool for about an hour. Elaine headed home earlier cause she had tuition. I had a fun day afterall. Was exhausted when i got home and my feet was really tired. So, slept early that night after texting someone ☺ That last text made my day too! ☺☺☺

☑ complete & unlock all songs on guitar hero.
☒ study.
☒ study.. 
☒ study...

♫ Breathe by Taylor Swift  feat. Colbie Caillat. ❤ 

Saturday, 14 March 2009

School's cool! :)

so,basically everyone brought camera last week for the senior page thingy.
everyone was camwhoring everywhere. it was friggin hot and everyone was sweaty and smelly! 
*blech*..  there were actually some sad moments in it. everyone is starting to get so close and it's our last year of high school. gahh! and it was super scary to see the looks of those ex-form5 peeps. some were overjoyed and some were crying hysterically. goshh. but for those who got straight A's, congrates! :) the look on Edmond's face when he got his results were literally telling me that all the hard work will be paid off at the end of the day. anyhoos, maxis is launching Apple 3G iPhone on the 20th of March. and i'll be getting it on the same day! woohooo ;D super excited. just got my wii and i'm gonna get another iPhone. *jumps for joy*  this is the best month everrrrr. i love March! hahaha :) alrighty, picture timeeeee!
junshien's DSLR.

kyleongjianming! :)

ahhh! David, you gotta stop growing. ;p

jenniferchantianai. davidtanchihwei.



love you to bits, biatch! >:D


nicest addmaths teacher in the worlddddd! :)

o.O ?

junshien caught my ninja turtle dance. LOL.

red ant.

jia chen's results. ZOMGWTFBBQ!

He even took Geography. My gawd. 14 A1, 2 A2, 1 B4.  *faints* And he didn't even dare to tell his parents..he said they'll scold him. wtfffffffff. speechless. they prolly expect like.. 15 A1 from him. o.O okay, that's gonna be my inspiration from now on. Hahaaa. Can't wait to get my iPhone next friday! woohoooo
Alrighteeee,ttfn. Off to play Wii :D 
tuning in to 15 Steps by Radiohead



U18 guys - Sunday, 15th   [ 4:30 - 7 ]

                     Sunday, 22nd  [ 4:30 - 7 ] 

U18 girls - Tuesday, 17th   [ 7:30 - 12 ]

                      Thursday, 19th   [ 7:30 - 12 ]

                     *Saturday, 21st   [ 4:30 - 7 ]

U15 girls - Monday, 16th   [ 7:30 - 12 ] 

                     Wednesday, 18th   [7:30 to 12 ]

                  **Friday, 20th   [ 7:30 to 12 ]

*Might be going to SRI K.L for friendly match again. Will let u guys know :)

**Selection for MSSD U15.

Thankyou! :)

It's you, it's you. You make me sing!

First of all, i got a new Wii! yay ;D  I played until 4am last night. hahahaha! Woke up pretty late today. Got ready and quickly rushed to Jaya Square. They didn't let us play and they told us to wait until 11 .__.  So..junshien, bryan andweihong took a cab to 3K to check out the courts. Then me,elaine, carmen and junjie walked to Petronas to get some credit. lol. It was pretty fun walking in the rain. Haha! After that we all took a cab to 3k too. I had a great time today. Apart from my aching muscles, I still got to tapau junshien. Ahaha! Sorry dude. Anyhoos, picture timeee! :) 


koksuilyn. tanweihong.

beep. beep.

jun shien.

jun jie! :)

bryan and junjie is missing :(


elaine & carmen

Will post the class pictures soon. 
p.s/ sexy purple vampire ninja pickle. HAHAHA!
Lovesss *

Monday, 9 March 2009

Damier Canvas Galliera PM

* Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh..... *
Daddy, i want that! 

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mismatched on the surface.

Hello March,

There's a girl, who sits under the bleachers just another day eating alone. And though she smiles, there is something she's hiding and she can't find a way to relate. She just goes unnoticed as the crowd passes by. And she'll pretend to be busy when inside she just wants to cry. So,take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible. Take a little look at the face of Miss Always Invisible. Look a little harder and, maybe then you will see why she waits for the day.. when you'll ask her her name. The beginning, in the first weeks of class she did everything to try and fit in. Then one day, just the same as the last just the days been in counting the time. Came a boy that sat under the bleachers just a little bit further behind...

Goodbye February.