Wednesday, 28 January 2009

1st Sri KL WOMEN INVITATIONALVolleyball Game

Organized by Sri KL coach, Ling Sii Nen.
6th and 7th of March.

Let me know if you're interested.
Thankyou! :)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

you and i collide.

played badminton in holiday villa this morning.
 friendly match in sri kl at 3.
then rushed to school around 4:45 for our own training.
wasn't really a training lah. just played around..
after that..went dinner with a bunch of friends.
and now i'm freaking exhausted.
my muscles are aching. my tummy hurts :(
my legs are killing me. i'm super tired.
xinrou! i'm gonna kill you for ditching me. grrr.
sorry no cure!
and that weird corn bread you left won't make any difference!
boo you :(
my weekdays are packed with tuition.
my weekends are booked up for sports.
busy. busy. busy.
i can hardly catch my breath!
SPM, i don't like youuuuuu. 

p.s/ it's you,it's you. you make me sing :)
x o x o x o x o

Friday, 9 January 2009

Wolly? :)

oh! and Sixth,
i just realized i'm sharing the same class with my sis :D

and also, to the Wollyballers .. (inside joke) xD
sorry i was late for agm the other day.
couldn't find the class.
i admit.. i was super sesat.
but thanks for waiting up peopleee! :)
i really appreciate it :D

anyhoos, a slight update for the ex-form5 volleyballers ;D
- morning session -
prez : moi! :)
vice : derrick khoo
s/u : eugene phan
asst s/u : pauline phua
treasurer : sayaka chua
asst treasurer : chai qiao
ajk f5 : xin rou
ajk f4 : rachel priya
ajk f3 : shyen tan

- afternoon session -
prez : jennifer tan
s/u : khaw wen yee
treasurer : cheyenne wan :)
ajk f2 : amelia yap
ajk f1 : ashley foo

p.s/ you're the weirdest boy...ever! :)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Okay, first off..
it sucks that alpha and kappa switched classes.
now my class is just so isolated and depressing.
i haven't got all my books yet.
so how does teacher expect me to hand in the work on time when i don't even have a text book to refer to? 
thank God we got a new form teacher.
SMP was such a pain in the ass.
umm,pretty much the same teachers for the other subjects.
i have tuitions like..almost everyday.
it's killing me.
no more nappy time in the afternoon. :(
i'm starting to feel the pressure.