Monday, 31 August 2009

You're 7,000 miles away

It's 3a.m. in the morning.
My mind's filled with a thousand thoughts.
My heart's pounding so hard that all i can hear is the heartbeat.
This heart only beats for you.
I don't want a single wink of sleep.
Cause you're all i see when i shut my eyes.
I've never wanted anything so bad in my life that i can't live without.
I miss waking up beside you in the morning.
And i love the way you say sweetheart.
I miss you.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Leave us both up here forever

Spent the whole day with my in-laws yesterday. Had loadsa fun! :D Watched Orphan in GSC Signature Gardens. Gold class babyy! Seat was awesome. But it was preeeeetty pricey. Okay, scratched that. It's freaking expensive. 60 bucks per seat. Goshhh. Four of us went so 240. Gee! But it was all worthit. Hehehee.. The seat was declinable. Free drinks. And you can even order food. Like spaghetti or nasi lemak. The movie was actually really good. Esther seemed really scary. She's a hell of a good actress for a kid. Daaamn, she was crazy azz hell in the movie. There were no one else in the cinema except us. We had the whole theatre to ourselves! Anyhoo, picture time.
Look at her scary face!
Hahahahaha, omg.
Complimentary drinks and pop corn!
Justyn getting all cozy :)
er, haha.

Props to Juvyn for driving us around.
Sunday, sunday, sunday.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

God must've spend a little more time on you

My dad officially bought a brand new mercedesbenz. Hurray! Went for test drive in Hap Seng, Kl today. It was spectacular. Korkor coming back this Sunday,awesome can't wait :D Went shopping in Pyramid with mommy today. Bought quite alot of stufffff. 3 trenchie, loads of winter clothes, a bunch of socks (lol), and some pretty dresses. Watched muvee with the usual peeps after that. The weather is crazy nowadays. Gosh. Please take good care of yourselves people. Especially you hun :) I still have exams after the hols, gah! So fuhreakin' lazy to study. No thumbs-up for me but anyhoo, life is good right now. And God is great..all the time :)

p.s/ happy b'day gohjunshien.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The clouds are ripping out my broken heart

Life has it's ups and downs.
If it isn't tough, then it isn't life.
Don't let the obstacles stand in your way honey.
I know you're much stronger than this.
When facing a problem deal with it, don't live with it.
Life is pretty much a journey, you gotta be adventurous.
There's no promises what you'll see or feel tomorrow.
But one thing's for sure is to live every moment and cherish all precious times. are the write of the story of your life.
Why not make it a happy ending?
Give and take a little.
Sometimes you have to lose to win.
Life goes on.

How many people can genuinely look into the mirror and say, i've seen this little girl grown tremendously. How she faced all those obstacles through her way. How she fought herself a place in the real world, surviving. Constantly trying to be the best. How she had lost herself in the crowd. Drowning. In tears.
Take some time off. Think it over.
Make a change.
I can't promise that it'll be a great change or a disastrous one. But we always hope for the best.
Make a difference for once in your life.
Take that effort, faith and will to go an extra mile.
I'll be hiding behind the bushes, under the bleachers.
Whatever it takes.
But i'll be there, watching you every step of the way.
For you i will.
Love, always.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

We were young and times were easy

♫ Before The Storm - Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus
Finally got some spare time to blog :)'s pretty hectic for me lately. Lots of work to do, deadline to meet, homework to keep up, chores to do, calls to make, exam to study. Gah! So we had addmaths paper today. On a saturday .__. Paper 1 was okay, so-so. Paper 2 was damn friggin' hard omg. It killed me. Damn screwed la this time.
So, let's start off with last week. Went to Apiit College aka Ucti in Puchong. Loads people went. Bus was full. It was pretty fun despite the journey to get to the top floor. Omg.. We had to climb up about 7 or 8 flights of stairs. Gosh! We had BM & Mathematics seminar there. Students from other school went too. Then we had free lunch. Wanted to yumcha after that but some people couldn't make it so blah,blah. Dad was late. Waited at the bridge. Had a nice talk with HonSang :)
Last Thursday mom had party at home. With all the aunties. So after school dad treated me to a delicious japanese meal! After that went to his office in Glenmarie to study.
Today after school, had lunch with XinRou, June, Jacob and Alien. Hahaha. Waited quite long for the panmee but it was all worthit :D Meanwhile we were talking about ghost stories. Haha, it gave me the chills. But some was quite funny actually lol.
Anyhoos, i've got pictures to post! Again.. it's not in order. So go figure :)
And, again. Lol
Haha omg June :D
Jennifer Chan Tian Ai
HAHA. sorry PeiWen, you know i love you :D
Jacob Tan :)
I. Was. Bored.
Notice the 'Hey Mum' t-shit. HAHAHA .
In apiit.
lol ??
jj alien jenn
Teeheee, didn't manage to capture Jacob and HonSang lol.

So yeah. I just watched Night At The Museum 2 yesterday night and it was awesome :D Much much much better than the first one. More interesting characters. Graphics were brilliant. I love those cute little Einsteins! Omg they're soooooo freaking adorable. I feel like ripping their heads off and say 'Hah! How you like me now?!?!' LOL. They're super cute with their bobbly head. Heheee. I can't stop watching this clip!!!
Check out the little Einstein on the left at 0.03! Sticking his tongue out. Hahahahaha. Bloody adorable :D
That's the way uh-ha,uh-ha. We like it. Uh-ha, uh-ha.

p.s/ ILOVEYOU :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

imissyou. imissyou. imissyou. imissyou. imissyou.

Monday, 3 August 2009

牺牲你, 就代表我爱你

Wohohoho, fat cheek alert !
Skipped school today.
Had a nice swim in the morning.
Was texting him whole night.
Ah, good day good day :)
I'm trying so hard to not let it show
So fall out of my head, out of my heart
oh boy.